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Official site for Florida author Billy Moore

Official site for Florida author Billy Moore.

Upcoming book signing

Billy Moore will be signing books at:

Emerald Coast Wine Cellars
1108 Scenic Gulf Drive
Miramar Beach, FL

Friday June 7, 2019
1 - 3 pm

Copies of all his books will be available for purchase, including his two latest, The Runaway Scrape and Old Wild Man Terry, YA historical novels inspired by his years of teaching Texas History in Texas public schools and community colleges. All book lovers and friends are encouraged to come by!

Author Billy Loran Moore News

Rice Writes (Rice University) online recently featured a short article on alumnus Billy Moore’s most recent young adult novels, The Runaway Scrape and Old Wild Man Terry. Billy is an alumnus (MAT 1982) as well former Rice Assistant Football Coach.

         Billy was recently back in Texas (Ft. Worth) for the Great Home School Convention where he presented about teaching Texas History through story telling and also visited with many students and parents at the booth of his publisher, The Royal Fireworks Press. The experience reminded Billy how much he enjoys and loves Ft. Worth.

         On Saturday, April 6, Billy enjoyed sharing a recent short story with his classmates, Walton High School 1963 at their yearly reunion. He appreciated the honor of reading “The Ambulance Driver,” a more or less true story about Billy and two of his high school and Chipola Junior College classmates in 1963. He is most appreciative of the opportunity and hopes his classmates enjoyed it at least one half as much as he did. This story is available to readers of this website under “Blue Pond Daze.”

         He would love to hear from you at

Great Home School Convention Presentation

Billy will address the Great Home School Convention at 10:00 Saturday in Ft. Worth Texas, March 9. His presentation is entitled: Once Upon A Time... Engaging Children in Texas History: The Story Approach.

He will be available afterword to visit with attendees as well as to sign books. Billy would appreciate the opportunity to meet and discuss his books with any  readers or fans.

New novels are available!

The Runaway Scrape is about a free black family during the terrible period in the Texas Revolt vs Mexico immediately following the fall of the Alamo. Santa Anna’s Mexican Army is rampaging unchecked through Texas while General Sam Houston works feverishly to try to mold a Texan army able to resist the Mexican dictator. Fourteen years old Simon, his family and several other Texans battle outriders from Santa Anna’s army, bandits taking advantage of the state of anarchy to prey on refugees, hostile Indians, and the terrible Texas weather. The story is a fast-paced adventure told in a historically realistic manner.

 Old Wild Man Terry is the story of thirteen years old fraternal twins Erin and Fred Burgess, their parents and Yacqui/Mexican ranch hands and thirteen years old son Jaime in the Big Bend of Texas in 1915. The Burgess family has moved back to an ancestral ranch for the health of Mrs. Burgess who suffers from tuberculosis are attempting to raise Missouri Foxtrotter horses as well as Foxtrotter/mustang hybrid for the ranch horse business to supplement. Dr. Burgess’ dental practice in the sparsely populated trans-Pecos.  Things are going well until one night a herd of wild mustangs rush the ranch and make off with all of the Foxtrotters except for their stallion, Big Red. Early efforts to recover their mares, colts and foals fail. Mrs. Burgess’ health declines. Attempts to recover their horses fail until a legendary hermit of the Big Bend, Old Wild Man Terry, a Black Seminole former cavalryman, who most consider to be only a myth, emerges to rescue Erin from a desperate strait. With the assistance of the youths, Old Wild Man Terry and his mustang, Mouse utilize a unique strategy in their attempt to gain control of the herd of runaway Foxtrotters and mustangs.

    Historical Note: The method for capturing the mustangs in this story was actually used in the Big Bend by former slave and legendary mustanger Bob Lemmons (Lammons).


Presentation on June 27

Billy presented to Alabama teachers at the Alabama Bicentennial Summer Institute at the Solon Dixon Forestry Education Center in Andalusia, Alabama, on June 27, 2018. The conference was centered around the longleaf pine and its effect on life in Alabama. Billy's presentation included material from his novel, Cracker's Mule, which is set in South Alabama in the 1950's.

Current News

Cracker’s Mule was recognized by for youth books that incorporate economic lessons for young readers.

Professor Hayes is now available in large print and as an e-book. The book is published by Crowood in the United Kingdom.

Both Cracker’s Mule and Little Brother Real Snake, published by NewSouthBooks, were furnished to teachers in the Alabama Summer Program during the summer of 2016. is Billy Moore’s website. Billy’s new blog, can be visited via the website or separately. Blue Pond "Daze" will have discussions of Billy Moore’s writing and/or Billy’s views on the world and life in general. Please visit and add your thoughts.

Billy welcomes anyone who reads any of his novels to take a few minutes to post ratings and comments on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads as well as his website.

A rotating selection of Billy’s short pieces will be available free for readers’ enjoyment on Enjoy!


Blue Pond Daze Intro

My wife, Dierdra, our three-legged cat, Hopalong Catsidy and I wake up almost every morning and look out over Blue Pond, fifty acres of natural, spring-fed, cypress surrounded lake. It guarantees a smile. One of our twin daughters lives across the Pond; our other daughter, her husband and our grandson visit regularly from their home in Savannah. Friends are scattered in the thirteen homes around the lake. Crowded it ain’t! The UPS man once asked if everyone on the lake is in the Witness Protection Program. I know some aren’t.

Dierdra and I are retired teachers. Part of my career was coaching football; I am now an author and writer.

Most of our visitors are four-legged: squirrels, deer, coyotes, foxes bobcats, and an occasional black bear. Wild hogs are seen mostly at night. There are occasional snakes and alligators. (This is, after all, Florida). If one pays attention to where they step and place their hands, these reptiles seldom bother people.

Check in on this site often. I welcome input from visitors in response to my Blue Pond Daze as well as my other writing. I will endeavor to include some free reading each session. In this original website, you will find the first chapters of each of the four novels I have published. (See the heading, “Books.”) Under “Short Works” you will find some short stories and short excerpts you may read. I will regularly rotate these selections. I appreciate all comments on these stories.


To Dee, without whom there would have been no books.

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