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Official site for Florida author Billy Moore

Official site for Florida author Billy Moore.

Blue Pond Daze Intro

My wife, Dierdra, our three-legged cat, Hopalong Catsidy and I wake up almost every morning and look out over Blue Pond, fifty acres of natural, spring-fed, cypress surrounded lake. It guarantees a smile. One of our twin daughters lives across the Pond; our other daughter, her husband and our grandson visit regularly from their home in Savannah. Friends are scattered in the thirteen homes around the lake. Crowded it ain’t! The UPS man once asked if everyone on the lake is in the Witness Protection Program. I know some aren’t.

Dierdra and I are retired teachers. Part of my career was coaching football; I am now an author and writer.

Most of our visitors are four-legged: squirrels, deer, coyotes, foxes bobcats, and an occasional black bear. Wild hogs are seen mostly at night. There are occasional snakes and alligators. (This is, after all, Florida). If one pays attention to where they step and place their hands, these reptiles seldom bother people.

Check in on this site often. I welcome input from visitors in response to my Blue Pond Daze as well as my other writing. I will endeavor to include some free reading each session. In this original website, you will find the first chapters of each of the four novels I have published. (See the heading, “Books.”) Under “Short Works” you will find some short stories and short excerpts you may read. I will regularly rotate these selections. I appreciate all comments on these stories.


To Dee, without whom there would have been no books.

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